About Us

Hello! Carmen and Kevin here, and we are “Kind of Cooking”… literally. Food has always been our passion, Kevin always loved to cook, and Carmen eating. We showed each other the best of both worlds. We hope to share our passions with you as well! 

Before meeting Carmen, Kevin had an untrained palette, only knowing a few cuisines and ordered the same dishes. She opened his eyes to the world of cuisines.
Kevin taught Carmen how to make more than just instant noodles, although Carmen’s instant noodles are damn good.

Kevin loved his kitchen gadgets, you name it, he has it… there was one point where he had 5 BBQs (ask them about that later, actually better not to remind Carmen). Against her better judgement, Carmen bought Kevin an Anova Sous Vide stick for his birthday one year.

From there the obsession began, hours spent researching, testing, cooking, and only a few mins eating – they were able to make restaurant quality food at home. Sous vide cooking changed their perspective on how food can be prepared. So here we are sharing our sous vide experiments, what we’ve learned, and some awesome recipes.

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