How to Use the Anova Vacuum Sealer + Review

Why Vacuum Seal?

  • Higher temperature
  • Less chance for leaks
  • Easily remove air

What I like

  • Small, very easy to store. It’s ⅓ of the size of my old vacuum sealer
  • Easy to use
  • Good pressure
  • Good seal
  • I like that it doesn’t take so much extra of the bag, Seal location can be close to the edge.
  • I don’t need to stick the bag in and hold and pull so that it triggers the vacuum action. I personally prefer pressing the button when i’m ready.
  • Use any brand bags (made for vacuum sealer)
  • The instructions aren’t great but it’s rather ismple to use.
  • Three buttons
  • Reasonable priced

How to use

  • Cut your bag to size. Measure twice, cut once.
  • Place bag into the sealer, press the top down to clip both sides. This maintains the pressure. Seal one side using the SEAL function. The light will come on and go off once it’s complete.  I repeat in a second spot to seal it again just in case.
  • Put what ever you want into the bag
  • Place the unsealed end into the machine, close the top, press the Vacuum button once. The blue light will come on and it’s complete after it goes off.
  • I repeat the Sealing step just in case.

Manual Pulse Function

Use this for delicate items.

The Anova Vacuum Sealer is a great little tool for your sous vide adventures.

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